We were born digital and ambitious, so Technology is at the heart of what we do!

In 2018, and with our People First mentality in mind, we radically transformed our team and adopted Agile methodologies in order to work more autonomously, faster and with increased morale. Now, with almost 250 world-class employees, our Tech division is one of the strongest Agile teams in the industry.

Working with some of the most challenging projects and cutting-edge technologies, our self-organised teams are shaping our products and the future of our organisation:

Our Stoiximan & Betano platforms

The infrastructure that keeps us live 24/7, handling traffic spikes of more than 65K concurrent customers and providing a seamless customer experience. We employ fully automated and continuously monitored virtualization while microservices (Redhat’s Openshift) platforms are running our applications.

Our technological stack includes -among others- ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ and REDIS clusters. Cutting edge techniques on Varnish and Haproxy are extensively used to support the high demand and provide continuous expansion.

Internal Applications

Our in-house projects, among them the next-generation Sportsbook platform, which aims to solving complex mathematical problems and demands advanced engineering skills.

The platform requires an architecture that is able to serve very low latency time thresholds in high load and at the same time being robust with third-party integrations.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Coping with more than 4K transactions/second and a vast amount of historical data, we are deploying real-time AI applications offering personalised features, services automations and anomaly detection. Using Azure Databricks (Spark), Data Lake Gen 2 and Kafka we are able to stream data from our production environment to Azure and handle the enormous scale of our platform.

Our people are who we are, so we do not compromise on hiring, retaining and developing the most talented employees, wherever these people might be! We have a “work hard-play hard” mindset and if all these sound like you, we would love to meet you.