At Kaizen Gaming, we believe that our product and services offer a great experience to our customers and our Responsible Gaming actions are here to reflect our dedication to be a 100% Responsible Operator.

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Our TVC Campaign on Responsible Gaming

Deposit Limit

Set your daily, weekly, monthly or annual deposit limit to decide upfront on the desired maximum budget.


Self- exclude and restrict yourself from account access for the desired period of time.

Loss Limit

Set a daily, weekly, monthly or annual loss limit to control your potential losses and stay in control and frustration- free.

Stake Limit

Set a daily, weekly, monthly or annual stake limit, to stay ahead of your own game.

Activity Notice

Get hourly notifications on the your session duration, winnings and losses over a given period of time to stay in control and enjoy our services without being carried away.

Withdrawal cancellation blocking

Have your withdrawal request processed fully, to avoid spending more than intended.


Check how balanced your gaming pattern is and when a break is advised, to stay in control and to keep it a game.



Gaming software blockers

At Kaizen we recommend netnanny as a software blocking system that can assist anyone who seeks to block access to gaming sites. Τhis is a recommended tool to protect underaged family members from access to any sites that do not permit underaged visitors.

Our Responsible Gaming Tools

We encourage our customers to make use of our
Responsible Gaming tools, for a self-controlled
and secure experience.


Reality Check

Deposit Limits


Being safe, reliable and fair, lies in the core of Kaizen’s DNA and is our binding promise to our customers.
This is why, under our continuous strive for improvement and excellence and the three pillars of Computer Science – Technology – People, we keep reaching further to protect the society from suspicious activities associated with money laundering and terrorist financing, through the in-house development of state-of-the-art tools.
In the heart of our AML approach lies the adoption of Artificial Intelligence functionalities, that will give us stronger predictive power than traditional approaches to identify and assess ML and TF risks, facilitating at the same time real-time AML alerts on set thresholds for the ongoing monitoring of our customers and ensuring that their activity remains consistent with their given information, business and risk profile.

And, as we strongly believe that every great effort stems from its people, we have delivered a functional and easy to use Whistleblowing Platform, where everyone can blow the whistle on any suspicious activity or wrongdoing, completely anonymously.