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Our proprietary technology
Our way of working



Our way of working

Technology is key for us to develop top-tier products for our customers’ entertainment across the globe. 

We are agile and organised with over 50 teams in 5 Tech Hubs (Athens, Thessaloniki, Sofia, Lisbon, Sao Paulo). Kaizen Gaming has been dealing with great technical challenges to support the scalability and availability of the services provided to customers 24/7/365 while at the same time ensuring the security and safety of their data. 

With very experienced technical professionals, we have managed to create a lot of internal platforms that support the growth of the company, assuring customers that they will have a reliable platform behind the scenes, for their entertainment needs.




Native apps
Top-tier native apps

Our native apps enhance the mobile experience by providing smooth and bug-free performance, guaranteeing a seamless and enjoyable user journey from start to finish. Integrated social elements and smart notifications deliver context-aware updates customized to customers' preferences, enhancing interaction. With our Smart Search feature, users can easily find what they need on the go, while AI-powered sections offer personalized content tailored to match individual interests and preferences. It's all about enriching your gaming experience with numerous innovative features and much more.

Big data
Big data

Our mission is to empower better decisions related to products and customer experience by providing easy access to reliable data, developing innovative analysis and data products, and fostering a data culture and knowledge. We place our customers at the heart of our strategy. Our Data Segment leverages advanced technologies to craft data products that enhance customer interactions.

Our efforts are multifaceted, aimed at promoting a data culture across Kaizen, ensuring robust data governance and quality, creating groundbreaking data products, deploying technology to meet data and workload needs. All while improving processes, ways of working and expanding self-service capabilities through scaled know-how.

We are committed to making data accessible and actionable for all, while maintaining high standards of governance and security.

Our goal is to establish data as a cornerstone of strategic decision-making and foster a culture of informed innovation. This positions us to stay ahead of future challenges, ensuring that Kaizen remains at the forefront of data innovation.


Kaizen Gaming's team of AI experts boasts diverse expertise, spanning analytics, traditional machine learning, applied AI research, and genAI. Together, they craft innovative AI products and solutions, driving forward Kaizen Gaming's vision. By harnessing the power of AI, Kaizen Gaming accelerates its growth and global reach and enhances client-facing processes such as reward distribution. Through personalized experiences and the implementation of genAI-powered "Wow" moments, Kaizen Gaming continually elevates the customer journey, setting new standards for engagement and satisfaction.