Meet Kostis

Employee Testimonials 

Konstantinos Fotopoulos

Scrum Master (Agile Delivery Lead), Technology

Athens, Greece

How long have you been working at Kaizen?
What do you do at Kaizen?

I have been working at Kaizen for the past three and a half years!
I am proudly working along with 3 Scrum teams as a Scrum Master in the Technology department. My main responsibility is to guide and assist Scrum teams and stakeholders in Scrum / Agile principles and drive process improvement.

What about your job gets you excited?  What do you look forward to at work?

Being part of 3 Scrum teams gives me the opportunity to collaborate with passionate people who strive to create high-quality products. Continuous improvement is our motto and I am very excited to be part of this in my daily work routine.

How did your career progress over the years at Kaizen?

I started as a Customer Support agent. The Customer Support department was a real ”school” for me for 2 years. The daily communication with our customers made me understand their needs in a better way and taught me that we must always have our eyes and ears on them. Then, I was given the opportunity to work as a Scrum Master, and, for the past 1.5 years, I am glad that I can make use of my experience and knowledge to help Scrum Teams build high-end products for our customers.

How does Kaizen supported/suppports you to achieve your professional goals and grow your career and skills?

There is no doubt that for Kaizen, people and their development come first. A great example is the recent free LinkedIn Learning access granted to all employees, along with the specific recommendations from the HR department regarding learning paths. Furthermore, on a personal level, the company helped me obtain the certification of Professional Scrum Master (PSM I), fully covering the assessment costs.

How would you describe us in 1-2 words?

Kaizen is the word that would best describe our company. It is a concept referring to ”Continuous Improvement” and is evident in every aspect of our daily working life.

What makes the team special?

Working as one team. Regardless of their location or department, our colleagues are able to collaborate effectively with each other towards our company’s missions and in order to bring the best for our customers.

What is your favorite spot -room at the office?

Our “play area” in the main building’s basement. There are comfortable bean bags, where you can relax on your break, and table tennis equipment, where you can always challenge your colleagues for a game.

Best moment at Kaizen so far?

There are a lot of great moments but, if I had to pick just one, that would be the trip to Lisbon which the company offered to one of my teams as a surprise, after the hard work and the successful launch in Portugal for our international brand Betano. It was a wonderful gesture and a great team-bonding experience. We had the chance not only to visit a new country but also to meet the local team in person.