March 13, 2024. 09:06


Kaizen Foundation launches in Romania and contributes €350,000 to the renovation of a critical section in the Pitesti Pediatric Hospital 

Treating more than 30,000 children every year

The Kaizen Foundation together with the “Doctors for Romania” Association announce the completion of a major renovation project at the Pitesti Pediatric Hospital, modernizing the whole area intended for the treatment of serious cases for children up to three years old. This initiative is the first project funded by the Kaizen Foundation in Romania, marking the launch of the Foundation’s activity in the country.

The Kaizen Foundation has been the main donor of the project, contributing €350,000 for the renovation of this critical facility of the Pitesti Pediatric. It is the largest of its kind in the area, also serving the counties of Argeș, Vâlcea, and Dâmbovița, and providing care to over 30,000 children every year. It is the first renovation of this critical section since the establishment of the Pediatric Hospital in the city of Pitesti, 40 years ago. The project was initiated by the “Doctors for Romania” Association.

“A couple of weeks ago we announced the establishment of Kaizen Foundation and the start of our first project, the renovation of the Penteli Children’s General Hospital in Athens, Greece. We are very proud that our second major grant, this time in Romania, delivers a completed project. What we see here today gives us strength for the path that lies ahead for the Kaizen Foundation. This renovation will benefit the youngest of patients of the Pitesti Pediatric Hospital, helping them fight battles that they shouldn’t have to fight, especially at the beginning of their lives. We are grateful to the ‘Doctors for Romania Association’ for all their hard work to deliver the results we see today and of course, everyone else who contributed in making this project a reality, from the local authorities to the hospital’s medical staff. Through the Kaizen Foundation, we aim to respond quickly and with consistency to the pressing needs of local communities across the world,” declared Panos Konstantopoulos, President of the Kaizen Foundation.

The inauguration ceremony took place in Pitesti yesterday, in the presence of the Romanian Prime MInister’s State Counsellor, the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Health, other central and local authorities’ representatives and members of the business community that supported the project. The refurbishment of the space provides a safe, clean and modern environment for young children and their families to receive the necessary care, facilitating speedier recovery and completion of treatment. The renovation covered an area of over 1,100 square meters, including major reconstruction work to create sanitary units for every ward, while maintaining the same number of beds. All installations including heating, plumbing, and electrical systems were redone, and the walls and floors were tiled in compliance with current regulations.

“At first, the idea of renovating the Pitesti Pediatric Hospital’s sixth floor probably seemed like a bold vision. Today, with the generous support of our partners, we have been able to turn this vision into reality. Through our joint efforts, we have renovated this hospital floor, which will serve as a sanctuary of healing for children and their families. This renovation is not simply an improvement to the infrastructure, but a symbol of love, care and true commitment to the health and happiness of our children. I would like to thank our donors, especially our lead partner, the Kaizen Foundation, because without their generosity and dedication to our cause, this impressive accomplishment would not have been possible. We are deeply grateful for their involvement and for being part of this journey with us,” said Alexandru Costache, President of Doctors for Romania Association.