Employee Testimonials

Nick Vackalopoulos

Senior Software Engineer and Tech Lead

Athens, Greece

How long have you been working at Kaizen?
What do you do at Kaizen?

I am Senior Software Engineer and Tech Lead on a scrum team in German Tribe, Berlin.
My responsibility is to deliver new product features and help other members in my team grow.
At the moment, my team and I are working on new sports additions to our recently released core software for betting activity and more.

What about your job gets you excited? / What do you look forward to at work?

I joined Kaizen 9 months ago, after getting contacted by the company’s talent department.
It was an easy call for me, because Kaizen has a great reputation in the market, leading the Tech gaming industry in Greece.

What about your job gets you excited? / What do you look forward to at work?
I am looking forward to working on the company’s International Expansion. Our goal is to use high-end technology and optimize solutions in a timely manner. Those challenges keep me excited every day.

What makes the team special?

I hope every developer feels like me when it comes to their team. It consists of passionate developers with great professionalism and high team spirit. Our bonds remain tight even when we are working from home.

What company “perk” do you appriciate the most?

My favourite Kaizen perk is its people culture. Everyone is approachable and ready to help anytime, which one woud consider very difficult for a company of 800 people.

“How would you describe us?
(Professional, casual, friendly, fast-paced, something else?)

In Kaizen I find the professionalism I need in a very modern and casual environment.
Continuous improvement is a key value for Kaizeners. I am getting better through key projects, new challenges and opportunities. Seminars, training videos, guidance and daily engagement helps me improve my technical and soft skills.

What sets Kaizen apart from other employers you’ve had? \ How does your current job compare with previous jobs you’ve had?

I feel blessed for every company I have ever worked for. I chose Kaizen now to grab the opportunity to work for the first time in such a big company that is a key player in the industry. Modern, high-end frameworks like Scrum and the promising long-term career path are some of the things that make the company stand out.