February 11, 2021. 19:55


Six innovative portable Intensive Care Units for the fortification of ESY

The delivery of six portable Intensive Care Units by Kaizen Gaming (Stoiximan), which will contribute to the modernization of the provided health services to the patients with Covid-19, suggests a significant boost to the Greek National Health System (ESY). The official reception of the first four portable ICUs took place on Thursday, February 11, 2021 at the General Hospital of Thessaloniki “G. Gennimatas” in the presence of the Minister of Health Mr. Vassilis Kikilias and the CEO of Kaizen Gaming Mr. George Daskalakis. It should be noted that the first two portable ICUs were delivered to the General Hospital of Thessaloniki “G. Gennimatas”, while the other two portable ICUs were delivered to the General Hospital of Thessaloniki “O Agios Dimitrios”. In addition to that, two more portable ICUs are expected to be delivered in the next few days to the University General Hospital of Patras.

This is the second act of support towards the National Health System by Kaizen Gaming during the pandemic and regards the donation of 6 portable ICUs worth €500,000 euros in order to strengthen the forces and meet the needs of the ongoing second wave of the health crisis that the country is enduring. This act was preceded by the donation of 250,000 masks during the first days of the pandemic last March when the country’s stock of protective material was almost depleted.

The Minister of Health, Mr. Vassilis Kikilias was present at the reception of the mobile ICU in Thessaloniki and extended his gratitude by noting: “Today, we are all gathered at the “G. Gennimatas” Hospital to give thanks to Stoiximan. We thank you very much, as well as all our private donors. This process and this huge public health crisis has shown that we can all work together: the private sector, the National Health System and all those who want to contribute and this is very positive and moving. We are all gathered here today to present something innovative, the portable ICUs. Two for “G. Gennimatas “, two for” Agios Dimitrios” and two for the University Hospital of Rio in Patras, which the company was more than kind enough to donate to us. They are fully equipped with cutting-edge technology, they are the most modern in Europe and they present the great advantage that depending on the pressure faced by the country, in Northern Greece, in Attica, in Achaia, they can be transported at will so as to strengthen the National Health System by case”.

The CEO of Kaizen Gaming, Mr. George Daskalakis, stressed that “For almost a year now, all of us have experienced unprecedented conditions that no one could have imagined. At the same time, there are some who face more difficult conditions than others. They are the patients and of course the medical and nursing staff of our country. At Kaizen Gaming and the wider Stoiximan family we believe that, especially in difficult times, the more solidarity we show, the farther we can go. It is with this feeling of solidarity that we deliver today 6 portable ICUs to three Hospitals in Thessaloniki and Patras in order to assist the work of the people who make daily efforts to protect the lives of our fellow human beings. I would like to wish a speedy recovery to those who are ill and strength and faith to the doctors and nursing staff who are on the front line and tell them that this shall pass too. At Kaizen Gaming we are committed to continuing to do everything possible to support their work”.

What are the Portable Intensive Care Units?

The innovation of the specific Units lies in their ability to be transported and placed quickly within the Greek territory, having a multiplying effect as they actively reduce the need for medical airlifts within the country. The portable ICUs provide all the medical equipment needed for patients and can be connected to the hospital communication system and their facilities through an inflatable structure, which can even be used to connect more than one Unit. In this way, the creation of multiple ICU networks within the hospital institutions as well as the self-sufficiency of the field hospitals will be further facilitated in the time of corona.

Manning the arsenal of ESY

This innovation was developed in Italy and managed to disseminate to other countries that urgently sought solutions to the problem of pressure on national health care systems. It is noted that this solution was adopted by countries such as Canada, the United Arab Emirates, which multiplied the number of functioning autonomous intensive care units to treat patients with coronavirus. The importance of this manufacture can be summarized mainly in two points: first, in the complete autonomy and portability of the unit with easy transport and immediate use throughout the territory and second, in the reinforced element of humanity as it is constructed in such a way as to have access to a “window of hope” for the patient. One of the most dramatic elements of the pandemic is that the intubated patients were not able to come in contact with their relatives, not having the opportunity to draw strength from their presence.

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