Our Policy

We apply a policy of ethical and responsible game offering so that each user can participate responsibly in every betting activity. To support this mission, we proactively promote our Responsible Gaming tools to our customers for an enhanced, safe and secure gaming environment. We are devoted to offering our customers a risk-free and enjoyable experience.

Responsible activity

At Kaizen, Responsible Gaming is our most valued principle that we hold at the core of our operations. We understand that the product we provide is exciting and makes for a great pastime activity. We also understand the risk that is associated with immoderate gambling and therefore encourages a transparent responsible activity environment for our valued customers.

Responsible Operator

Since most of our customers are already enjoying our services frequently in an enjoyable and responsible manner, we believe at Kaizen that our stance on proactive Responsible Gaming endorsement demonstrates evidence that we are a truly Responsible Operator.


Highly advanced and innovative tools are used, making sure that our customers benefit from a safe and secure gaming experience.


(refusing underage registration)

We actively prevent any underaged persons from attempting to register at our websites. Iovation is an advanced tool that we use to secure our registration processes and to assist us to keep registration and use of our services solely for eligible customer registrations.


(inhouse developed AI detection)

Our highly innovative RG-AID system was built by Kaizen and our Artificial Intelligence program to predict which player could develop excessive and problematic betting behavior.

We use this tool to determine which player can benefit from relevant tips that can prevent him from showing such behavior and then learn about ways to keep our game safe . This allows our customers to continue to enjoy their game responsibly.

Session timer

(points out session time)

The Session timer is a tool that allows our customers to keep track of the amount of time they have spent on our site. Our customers can decide upfront how much time they want to spend on a game. This is a great way for players to set time limits to follow.


Our advanced Responsible Gaming controls are used by our Responsible Gaming Representatives daily, combined with personal advice for customers on an individual basis, so that each customer benefits from a customized and effective Responsible Gaming consultation. This can be especially useful for the purposes of determining the maximum amount our customers would be able to lose upfront, thus staying in control and frustration-free.


Our qualified Team of Responsible Gaming Representatives is always available to provide players with tips and best practices for staying in control while ensuring that they know when to stop and how to continue using our products responsibly.


At Kaizen Gaming our mission is to protect our customer data, as we value data privacy as one of our top priorities. Our key objectives are to ensure that appropriate privacy measures are applied, which allow us to maintain our customers’ trust and confidence in processing their personal data. We guarantee our customers that no personal information will never be used for other purposes than those explicitly required for the proper operation of our website, the products and the services we provide. Any access to such on our part is fully audited and used exclusively by authorized and trained Personnel.

Focusing on data privacy enhancement

At Kaizen Gaming, we use an internally developed data privacy plan that is fully compliant with relevant laws and regulatory requirements. Our plan is supported by mechanisms and procedures that safeguard the collection of accurate data, safe storage, lawful processing and safe encryption. We respect and seek to satisfy all our customer data privacy access rights with the use of these advanced protective measures, with the protection of our customers and their personal data always in mind.

At Kaizen Gaming, we constantly strive to provide all possible means of assuring our customer personal data’s safekeeping. These include information security measures consistent with current best practices to protect our customers’ privacy. These measures include technical, procedural, monitoring and tracking steps intended to safeguard data. More specifically, our company regularly checks the proper operation of security mechanisms and applies top international safety standards as per:ISO / IEC 27001:2013 who have accredited us with an official certification of approval. This is to validate that we have adopted the best practices so as to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of our customer data.