Sneak Peek
to Hiring

Dear pioneers, the ones who thirst for
knowledge, team players: We want you.


Our hiring mission is to give the opportunity to talented professionals to find their passion, innovate, and have impact from day one.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far but also have a lot of dreams for the future. We want to push things even further and inspire many more to join us!


Memories, feelings, thoughts, engaged interviewers, comfort, this is what interviews mean to us. We want to engage our candidates in delightful and “come as you are” interviews. How we do this? Hiring is a process that requires considerable time allocation and energy. Thus, in order to identify and assess the right talent for the organization in a timely manner, working in Agile mode, we collaborate closely with cross-functional hiring teams to create fast and meaningful hiring processes as well as assessment strategies.



Talent Acquisition

Are you ready to influence our people at Kaizen in a leadership role?
Transmit your message to Agapi, and join the team.


Talent Coordination

Integral part in your experience as candidate, Anna-Maria will guide you through your recruitment journey.


Talent Acquisition

Ever experienced having an interview and yet, feeling cozily like talking to a friend? Get ready to feel it after your interaction with Dimitris.


Talent Acquisition

Having a diverse background, from technology to business, Kalliopi will encourage you to have bold and meaningful discussions.
Just be yourself.


Talent Acquisition

Introvert or Extrovert, discover your chatty personality with Maria.


Talent Acquisition

Looking to join our Services division? George will help you make the most out of your candidature and will provide you the best  candidate experience.


Talent Coordination

Friendly and calm, Kalliroi will guide you through your recruitment journey.


Talent Acquisition

Lina is looking for the brightest Tech talents and she will help you picture your career at Kaizen Gaming.


Talent Sourcing

Building our talent communities, before even the recruitment starts, comes with a lot of passion and communication with our potential candidates. Are you ready to meet Anna?


Talent Acquisition

Gatekeeper of our Marketing and Corporate departments, Nancy can “talk” the languages of both worlds. Fancy talking to her?


Preparing your CV
  • Make it easy to identify the elements that best match with the requirements of the position. Keep your CV simple and lean.
  • Tips for Trading division: It is not always easy to depict your enthusiasm for betting and sports through a CV. Hence, we have added complementary questions in your application, where you can describe us your exposure to betting.
  • If you are applying from abroad, and relocation is needed, please explain your motivation and what you aspire to find.
During the application
  • Our aim is to keep the application process simple and fast, trying to include the really necessary information, such as Name/Last Name/Resume and/or Cover Letter, Application Questions, Web Links (for engineers and designers) among others.
  • If a Kaizen employee has referred you for the position, do not forget to include her/his name.
Preparing for the Interview
  • Our approach is: Interviews are conversations, not interrogations. We want to create meaningful discussions, that will unfold your professional journey. Reflect your experience, present it in your own way and relax.
  • Read the job description, visit our online resources and prepare any questions in advance.
  • During your assessment, be in a quiet and comfortable place with no distractions.
  • For our online interviews, we mostly use Google Meets. If you use mobile, ensure that you have downloaded the application prior to the interview.
  • We always send confirmation email before your interview. If you have not received any, please contact your recruiting point of contact.
General Information
  • The majority of the interviews are conducted virtually unless administered as part of a hiring event or on-site interview.
  • We don’t expect formal dress code, just be your self, wear comfortable and business casual clothes.
  • Regarding the data you share with us, you may find and read our Recruitment Privacy Notice.
  • Responsiveness and transparency is a very important element of the Recruitment and Interviewing process. Our candidates receive a response with regards to the status of the recruitment process, or the result of their candidature whether the outcome is positive or negative.