Having fun

The way we work is part of the Kaizen culture.
We are many, young and different people and we always want to get to know each other better.
Kaizen life captures the moments of our daily life in our company, from the way we work to the Fun side of our daily life and it is the place where we can get ideas from or just have fun!
We all come closer and spend creative time not only with colleagues through a series of team building events but also with our families in all day events organized by our company.


Part of our mission is to always have an important social footprint and that is why we have created our volunteer group “The Gaimers”! Our team has already carried out a series of voluntary actions which you can gladly watch and definitely participate in!


We are 700 different people, we come from 6 different countries and each of us has a different starting point and a different culture, but Kaizen manages to connect us all.

Professional Development

Kaizen’s main feature is that everyone has the opportunity to grow, whether this is just training or an extension of our knowledge.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety in the workplace is of utmost importance for us because we want to feel and be safe in the place where we spend an important part of our day.