March 1, 2024. 09:50


Kaizen Gaming launches the Kaizen Foundation and renovates the Penteli Children’s General Hospital investing €3.8 mil. 

Kaizen Gaming, one of the biggest GameTech companies in the world, announces the establishment of the Kaizen Foundation. The company will be the sole financial backer of the Foundation’s initiatives and programs.

The Kaizen Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations and undertaking initiatives that will have great impact in every country Kaizen Gaming operates. Its projects will come to fruition in 2024, starting from Greece, Malta, Romania, Portugal and Bulgaria.

The first project of Kaizen Foundation is the extensive renovation of Penteli Children’s General Hospital in Athens, Greece. The total investment for the project is €3.8 million and includes the refurbishment of the hospital’s surgical rooms, first and ground floor clinics. It also involves the implementation of fire safety systems and the renovation of the outdoor areas. This renovation represents the most significant upgrade to the hospital facilities in the last 80 years, addressing crucial operational challenges faced by both staff and patients. Moreover, changes required by the national legislation will be made, such as relocating the pharmacy to the ground floor and ensuring seamless access for individuals with disabilities to all hospital areas.

The Kaizen Foundation envisions to serve as a catalyst for positive change on a global scale. Its mission is to deliver initiatives with long-term impact that foster innovation and improve all aspects of people’s lives. Society, Education, and the Environment are the three core areas around which the Kaizen Foundation’s initiatives are centered, working towards a sustainable and inclusive future.

Kaizen Foundation - Penteli Children's General Hospital

The Greek Minister of Health, Adonis Georgiadis, stated during the ceremony signaling the commencement of the renovation: “On behalf of the Greek state, I would like to extend my gratitude to Kaizen Gaming and the newly established Kaizen Foundation for starting its operation with the renovation of this children’s hospital, which is crucial for the residents of North Athens and the surrounding areas. Thanks to this initiative, medical professionals will be able to provide a better standard of care, while little patients and their parents will receive high-quality healthcare conditions. Penteli Children’s General Hospital will turn into a jewel of the National Health System”.

Kaizen Gaming’s co-Founder and CEO, George Daskalakis, said: ”Since we embarked on Kaizen Gaming’s journey, we have seen a lot of our dreams turn into reality. We are a company with over 2,500 people across the globe. We have supported dozens of athletes trying to conquer their goals. Today we realize one more dream, through the establishment of the Kaizen Foundation, as we are now in the position to contribute to society in a more meaningful way than ever. The inauguration of the Foundation is accompanied by the largest donation we have ever made, which will drastically change for the better the lives of children, their families and the hospital personnel”.

Panos Konstantopoulos, the President of the Kaizen Foundation, stated: “From the moment it started operating, Kaizen Gaming has worked to make a difference in society. The creation of the Kaizen Foundation is a natural progression, the next step that allows us to implement initiatives on a larger scale, which will have an impact at an international level. We are very touched that we start from Greece and from the Penteli Children’s General Hospital. The renovation of this hospital is a step towards improving health care conditions for the children. We want to thank the Ministry of Health, its administration and the Hospital employees that embraced this initiative”.

Deputy Minister of Health of Greece, Marios Themistocleous, highlighted: “The collaboration with Kaizen Gaming and the Kaizen Foundation shows how private companies can positively influence the improvement of public health services for our children. We sincerely appreciate their contribution and support in the ongoing endeavors of the Greek government to enhance the National Health System.”

The project, currently in the engineering design process, will be executed in four distinct phases to ensure the hospital`s seamless operation, with the Foundation aiming to complete it by the end of 2024.