The Services Division is responsible for interacting with customers in several touchpoints of the Customer’s journey and consists of the following departments:

The Customer Support department is the frontline of the organization. With over 100 employees across 4 different locations and round-the-clock operations, the CS team strives to deliver a fast, friendly and accurate customer service experience across 7 different channels and serves more than 1.500.000 requests per year in 5 different languages.

The Withdrawal Authorisation department is responsible for the approval of the withdrawal requests, following all Regulatory and AML requirements.

The Payments department is responsible for the processing of all the approved withdrawal requests, as well as the monitoring of the deposits, in order to assure that every transaction is being performed as expected.

The Know Your Customer (KYC) department collects and analyzes key information in accordance with the regulations of the competent auditing authorities.Assisting customers with the KYC procedure and dealing with certain transaction requests.

The Risk and Fraud department is responsible for the detection and prevention of non-recreational activities so as to minimize related risks.