The Product Division’s aim is to gather all company’s products under its umbrella and create a consistent product strategy. It consists of five different departments:

The Sportsbook Product team is responsible for all the Sportsbook product enhancements that regularly take place and several projects related to our sports and features offering. They are the go-to people when it comes to sports betting-related matters.

The Gaming team is responsible for all games available on our websites. Being the “fun enthusiasts” of the company, they are constantly looking for ways to optimize our casino offering with new slots, table games and virtual games.

The My Account & Payments team takes care of our customers’ transaction options and other player account features and resolves any relevant issues that come up swiftly and efficiently, making sure that our customers are able to enjoy our variety of products at all times.

The Product Design team is responsible for all sorts of visual elements on our websites and is here to ensure our customers are enjoying a user-friendly experience at every step of their journey with us.

Finally, the Customer Experience team‘s mission is to always listen carefully to the customers’ feedback and inspire the people in the company to always see through the customer lens, before moving on with decision making and implementation.