Business Development

Business Development department is responsible for driving the company’s growth strategy by expanding to new jurisdictions and securing sustainable and profitable operations in existing international markets.

Corporate Functions

The Corporate Services Division is providing high level expertise services to the whole Group.
We collaborate with managers and employees from all departments, to ensure that all they receive the highest quality of services when it comes to HR, Facilities, Procurement and Finance. Additionally, our Legal and Compliance departments ensure that we are always acting within the legal and regulatory frameworks, either internally or externally.

The PMO office is responsible for organising and running company-wide projects, challenging initiatives that will bring value to the company and grow our future business, following our values of continuous improvement. BI & Analytics is close to all departments, ensuring that all needed reporting, analysis and insights are in place, and that we can take data driven decisions at all times.

Marketing & Comms

Our marketing & comms team is dedicated to deploying 360 marketing campaigns, planning and executing performance, SEO and Google Analytics objectives, while being responsible for our Social Media and Affiliate marketing management. The Sports Marketing department handles and operates all sports sponsorship agreements across countries and
CRM is responsible for the creation, development, and execution of all strategic engagement across group markets and teams. Our Corporate Affairs team is responsible for all corporate communications: internal and external, media relations, stakeholders’ mapping and engagement, conferences and a wide range of events, as well as the CSR strategy and roll-out throughout the Kaizen markets, while strengthening our brand equity.


Kaizen’s Product team is responsible for delivering world-class user experiences for our customers across all devices and markets for all of our products, from Sportsbook, Casino, Live Casino, Virtuals, and Payments and for discovering new and innovative products the Group will launch in the very near future.


The Services Division is the company’s front line, being responsible for interacting with members in several touchpoints of the customer’s journey. It consists of the following departments: Customer Service, Withdrawals Authorisation, Payments, Know Your Customer and Risk & Fraud. Their areas of responsibility are, in short, customer communications, transactions, verification processes and keeping our sites safe from non-recreational members.


The Tech division, with almost 250 world class employees, is one of the strongest teams in the industry. Since 2018, having adopted Agile methodologies, Tech division is shaping our products and is responsible for the monitoring of all platforms that host more than 65K concurrent customers, providing a seamless customer experience. They are also deploying real-time AI applications offering personalised features, services automations and anomaly detection.


The Trading Department is responsible for the odds’ offering on all 6 of our domains, for a wide range of sports, events, markets and selections and for ensuring a smooth customer experience. Our Pre-Event Team and Live Traders manage events of various sports, while the Sportsbook Integrity Team is responsible for monitoring, managing and analyzing betting patterns, as well as carrying out Sportsbook Customer profiling. Finally, the In-play Coordinators plan all content offers on our Sportsbook channels, while the Data Input Operators ensure the customer experience is never compromised.