Our actions

We are in this together!

Τhe Covid 19 pandemic has changed the way we work or interact with each other. But it hasn’t changed the way we think and act. At Kaizen we are firm believers in giving back to the community. We always reckoned that by supporting the few that make a difference, a lot of lives can be improved. It is for that reason that we have launched a series of actions that help people get through this hardship. People in our communities as well as our fellow Kaizeners. Τhis page is dedicated to those actions.

Stoiximan Greece


In times of crisis and uncertainty, people often take refuge in the reaction and mobilisation of pioneers.During the outbreak of COVID, our company aimed to provide our fullest support to all markets we are currently operating. Enjoy the TV spot released in Greece, a tribute to all of us, heroes of today who are working as one team to go through these trying times.



As the second wave of the pandemic unfolds, Kaizen once again marshalled all necessary resources to support the Greek National Health System with a donation of 500.000€, procuring for the first time in Greece 6 mobile Intensive Care Units. The ICUs can be used across the country to treat those in need and will initially be located in Thessaloniki which has been recently at the center of a spike in coronavirus cases.


During the Covid outbreak, there is no doubt that the biggest Heroes these days are the doctors and the medical staff fighting on the front line of this battle, putting themselves at risk in order to take care of us and our loved ones.In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, we managed to procure 250,000 medical masks to support those risking their lives every day to save ours. This is the least we could do  for their tremendous efforts.


Betano Romania

Red Cross Donation campaign 
If there was one team that requires all our support during these challenging times then his would be the Team of Health Care Professionals in the first line of the fight against #COVID-19. Betano Romania donated 100.000€ to the Romanian Red Cross to purchase urgent and necessary equipment for Romanian hospitals in shortage of medical supplies. The donation was used to procure protective medical equipment, which was later donated to resource-strapped communities in Romania.
We didn’t want to stop there though, we wanted to invite more people to volunteer during these difficult times. So as to support the cause Betano launched a social campaign encouraging the local community to donate to the Romanian Red Cross.


Table for two

Εven during these unprecedented times of the pandemic, there are people among us that continue to demonstrate energy and dedication proving to all of us that anything is possible! For those people, we created “Table for Two”, an initiative through which #Betano supports front-line medical staff and the HoReCa industry in Romania – two of the sectors most affected by the pandemic.

For a whole month, together with the “CSR Nest Association” and the “Sanitary Solidarity Federation” from Romania, 15.000 warm meals were provided to the medical staff of 5 hospitals in 4 cities by 15 family-owned restaurants that were affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

As first-line healthcare professionals continue to save lives, while small businesses in HoReCa prove that talent in the kitchen and the ability to reinvent themselves are the strongest winners… we are proud to stand by them supporting them in every way possible.

Stoiximan Cyprus

Kaizen Gaming supports initiatives in all markets and Stoiximan Cyprus was also active in this fight against COVID-19,  as 2 blood analyzers and key supplies were delivered to the hospital of Nicosia. The medical needs to address COVID-19 are soaring in all countries of operation and Stoiximan upholds its support to our everyday heroes in every possible way.